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Harrods At Night

Harrods Department Store

Written by Hedy Sadoc
Harrods, the world's greatest department store, has more extravagant items for sale than any other store under the sun. In the days before people communicated by fax and email, Harrods had a cable address "Everything London". These two words summed up the magical philosophy of the world's most celebrated store.

Harrods-for Lovers of Facts and Figures

111.500 square meters with almost 74,000 square meters of selling space. Up to 300,000 customers visit the store on certain days. More than 5000 staff from over 50 different countries. 330 departments on seven selling floors. A fleet of 47 delivery vehicles make up to 225,000 deliveries every year. 11,500
light bulbs turn Harrods into a beacon of light each night

Harrods-A Highly Selective A to Z

Where A could be for Aircraft (sold back in 1919) or Alligator (once bought here as a Xmas present for Noel Coward. B for bookbinding and C for clockwinding. D for Debutantes, supplying everything, but EVERYTHING a debutante would need for her presentation, not excluding an elegant chauffeured limousine to take her to the Palace. E for... no, not for elegance but, believe it or not, for Elephants (a baby elephant named Gertie was bought at
Harrods Department Store
Harrods as a present for Ronald Reagan)... L for Ladies Club, M for Murder - very English indeed! (but - Thank Goodness - proved in the end not to be one after all), N for Nursery, O for Orchestra, i.e. free concerts, P for Pipers, i.e. the popular Harrods bagpipers who play in the store every day; R for Removals (motto "People vote out governments but Harrods moves in Prime Ministers"; T for Tourism, U for Undertaking (Sigmund Freud being one of the many famous Harrods 'embalmees'; Yfor Yachts and Z for...well what else would it be - for Zoo
of course, and that means a remarkable evolution from offering live poultry in 1917 to selling animals as pets to this day (and that's of course very English once again).

Harrods-Extravaganza on Seven Floors

From obvious luxuries like the finest (and most expensive) in jewellery, beauty treatment and interior design, to such lesser known services like valet parking and dog coat fitting, Harrods lives up to its world-wide reputation for providing 'all things, for all people, everywhere?.

Location and Hours of Operation

From the ultimate in hair styles and men's designer collections on the Lower
Harrods Food Hall
Ground Floor you move up to the splendid Egyptian Hall, Fine Jewellery Room, the Room of Luxury and - The Food Halls! Harrods is the only department store to have started as a grocery shop and the Food Halls are still the heart and soul of the business. First Floor: Beauty, Bridalwear, Executive Suite, and Ladies Fashion. Second Floor: Carpets & Rugs, Sound & Vision, Antiques and the Picture Gallery. Third Floor: Carpets & Rugs, Sound & Vision, Antiques and the Picture Gallery. Fourth Floor: Harrods World and on EVERY Floor: Food, Glorious Food! Start with the Green Man Pub
Horse And Carriage
on the Lower Ground and luxuriate your way up via Harrods Famous Deli, the Great American Bagel Factory, Café Punch and the Georgian Restaurant, to the Fifth Floor, where finally the Customer Accounts Bureau will await you to round off an unforgettable experience! So, what are you waiting for?

Location and Hours of Operation

Harrods Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7SL Store Opening Hours: 10am-6pm Monday, Tuesday and Saturday 10am-7pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

For further information call Harrods in London, England at 020 7730 1234.

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